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Do you love to help the people within your community and believe in our mission? We would love to have you on board! Contact us to become a volunteer!


We are passionate about keeping edible food out of the landfills and redistributing it in our community! According to Food Waste Statistics Canada every day, approximately 1.2 million tomatoes, 1.2 million apples, 2.4 million potatoes, 650,000 loaves of bread, 640,000 bananas, one million cups of milk, 470,000 eggs, and 139,000 lettuce heads are wasted. Canada's yearly food waste is equivalent to 9.8 million tonnes of CO2. Redirecting or rescuing surplus edible food could save 3.82 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per tonne of food. In 2022 Echo Food Rescue saved approximately 60,000 pounds of food and redirected it back to the people of Lacombe and surrounding areas!

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Christina Sturgeon
(403) 352-1765